We at 99 HOMES have played the property game for a long time. In fact, ever since we were kids!

We have been planning, managing, renting, buying, and selling properties for as long as we can remember.

Now, property is no longer a game. It’s a serious business that requires knowledge, experience, and a dedication to our clients that kids just don’t understand. But we do, which is why you should choose 99 HOMES.

Passion for property...we were born with it!


I am often asked about the secret of our success.  There is no secret.  The essentials for success are well known…. Hard work; Perseverance; Concentration on a clear goal; Belief; Pride and enjoyment in what you are doing.  But the most vital element that I believe under writes all aspects of success is “Ethics”.

Unfortunately, there are those who say Ethics in business is peripheral, if not irrelevant – but this has not been my experience.  For me, any business agreement is a relationship rooted in Trust and Trust is the emotional capital of a Company. It is crucial to customer loyalty and to create a reliable brand name. It rises or falls with our reputation – unseen, but a decisive factor in most business transactions.

They say Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair. You can rest assured that when you deal with 99 HOMES , our people will provide you with an experience that is unparallel in the Real Estate space.

We thank you for your continued trust.

99 HOMES. 


Each of us at 99 HOMES takes great pride in the work we do. Whether we are hosting you at our project site , Helping you buy a house, Creating your unforgettable family first home buy or Simply perfecting your experience. We know it is the thoughtful nuances and attention to detail that makes all the difference.

Our employees have never been afraid to aim high, knowing that each and every member of the team has an important role to play in delivering the best product and memorable experiences.




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