Still chasing that luxurious, elusive big-city home in Mumbai? 

With more and more under-construction housing projects and ready-to-move-in properties in suburbs and the main city alike, there are choices galore for those who have the taste and purchasing power to afford luxury apartments in Mumbai.

But buying a home goes beyond your aesthetic sensibilities and financial capabilities. There are many factors involved in the home buying process. 

Factors that not only help you filter out suitable properties from a dauntingly large number of options but also ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for – not less, but possibly more. 

And it’s not just location, location, location. 

Though it’s a significant factor with a direct impact on lifestyle and price appreciation, most luxury properties are built in upmarket, posh localities, replete with urban, educational, and social infrastructure. So that’s already taken care of for you. 

Here are some more checklist items for you to cross off before you buy house in Mumbai. 

1. Architecture – Make Sure the Skeleton in Reliable Enough

Diamonds may or may not be forever, but good architecture always retains its value. 

So, while you look for a 2BHK or 3BHK flat in Mumbai, conduct some research on the who’s who of architects, someone with a good track record of building beautiful yet functional designs. 

While the structure will obviously be perceived in a positive light today, make sure you also consider its condition a few decades down the line. 

If you’re not visually inclined, at least ensure that when searching for luxury apartments in Mumbai, the property has good bones and a solid foundation, including artistic components and high-grade materials. 

2. View – Waking Up to an Enchanting View

Picture this: the sun setting over the sea, the twinkling lights of Mumbai’s skyline in the distance, and you, lounging in luxury in your very own apartment.

When it’s Mumbai you want a house in, the view becomes an important factor behind your home-buying decision. A luxury home is a symbol of prestige and grace, and such properties must have a scenic backdrop to complement your lifestyle. 

For instance, projects like Crescent Bay Parel provide panoramic views of the cityscape, interspersed with loads of greenery and with silhouettes of hills in the distance. Needless to say, such projects have become a preferred choice among homebuyers, and, likely, should be yours too. After all, you’re paying a premium for it. 

3. Functional Luxury – A Signature of Luxury Apartments in Mumbai

When you’re shelling out the big bucks for your dream home, it’s important to ensure that you’re getting the highest value. And that includes access to unique, high-end, and practical home amenities. 

Think zen garden, dedicated jogging track, adequate natural lighting, and proper ventilation. Having a lifestyle supplemented by these facilities not only ensures value for your money but also empowers you to lead a world-class life. 

Also, since city life in Mumbai city requires you to be on the move, it’s necessary to have ample parking space for your vehicles, replete with high-tech systems involved for convenience and reliability. 

Projects like Siddha Sky offer a full suite of amenities, right from the essential swimming pool to a fancy reflexology area, amphitheater, and mini-theater, as well as a full fitness gauntlet including a gym, badminton court, cricket pitch, and many more. 

With such amenities at your disposal, you have not only luxury but also an active, entertainment-filled lifestyle.   

4. Developer’s Brand Value –  Ensure Hiccup-Free Premium Lifestyle

Nobody wants legal disputes or construction roadblocks to delay your possession. And believe it or not, many properties do run into such issues, with buyers having to wait for years before they receive the keys. 

In some cases, problems persist even after you’ve moved into the home. 

However, such issues generally occur when the construction is in the hands of developers with dicey track records. Therefore, it’s advised to only invest in luxury apartments in Mumbai that are helmed by trusted names in the industry, like Lodha, Piramal, Dosti, etc. 

All these brands are known for meeting their deadlines in a timely fashion while enabling a lifestyle that is unparalleled in quality and finesse. 

Over to You

Luxury is not just a tag. It should be seen, enjoyed, and felt. So, when it comes to buying a premium property, never compromise on the quality of luxury. Make sure it has a good view, solid architecture, is backed by a trusted developer, and provides enough amenities to provide leisure outside your home as well. 

For any assistance with finding the best luxury apartments in Mumbai, 99Homes can be your real estate partner. Collaborate with us today, get insights into Mumbai’s property market, and find the perfect luxury home. Get in touch with us to know more. 

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